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The SmrtTool Newsletter

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The Smrtreach Team Powering Sales Intelligence and Growth


The Smrtreach team has been avid users of Apollo since 2019, so it made sense to start with this powerful tool we think all SDR teams need.


  • Data Enrichment: Fun fact - has more filters for searching/enrichment than Sales Nav does.

  • Sales Engagement: Personalized emails, automated sequences, and integrated calling. If you’d like help setting all of this up, feel free to check out my Youtube channel.

  • Lead Scoring and Segmentation: Target campaigns based on prospect behavior and interests.

  • Integrations: Connect with your CRM (SFDC+Hubspot) + other tools (Greenhouse, Zoom, etc.)


  • Base: Affordable plan for individuals and small teams - Free

  • Professional: Advanced features for growing businesses

    • $99 monthly, $79/month annually

  • Enterprise: Tailored for larger organizations with customization options.

Having used all 3 plans, I’d comment that Apollo’s pricing is relatively fair and affordable compared to competitors. Specifically, if usuing Apollo as your “all in 1” tool for your sdr team, you won’t find a more reasonable pricing structure.

New Releases:

  • Apollo X: Enhanced data quality, AI recommendations, and deeper analytics.

    • Looking forward to digging into this new release, keep an eye on my youtube if you’d like an update/review.

  • Team Collaboration: Improved collaboration features for efficient teamwork - Underutilized and a huge help for large teams.

  • LinkedIn Integrations: Sync data with LinkedIn Sales Navigator for optimized engagement. More to come here.

  • Enhanced Reporting: Customizable dashboards and real-time analytics.

    • In my opinion, this is the area where apollo needs to focus. They’ve done so much to build this product to where it is today. However, if they ever want to be considered a crm (which is where I imagine they’re going) the reporting needs some work .

Visit Apollo's website to try the tool for 14 days.

For a full Masterclass, click here!

SmrtReach Rating for 9.4/10 Meetings

Bertha AI : Transforming AI-Powered Customer Support

Bertha is our virtual assitant/bot at Smrtreach - Bertha AI is a sleek solution that plugs into your browser, ready to support whatever you ask.


  • Intelligent Chatbot: Provide instant, personalized assistance round the clock.

  • Natural Language Processing: Understand and interpret customer queries accurately.

  • Multichannel Support: Seamlessly integrate across platforms for consistent interactions.

  • Analytics and Insights: Gain data-driven insights into customer interactions and agent performance.


  • "1 Price for all"

    • Bertha advertises an affortable price point of $20 per month, with the ability to add things like words generated, images found, etc.

Recent Advancements:

  • Enhanced Language Understanding: Improvements in natural language processing for more accurate responses.

  • Integration Enhancements: Streamlined workflows by integrating Bertha AI with CRM and helpdesk software.

  • Performance Optimization: Continual refinements for optimal system performance.

  • Bertha AI empowers the Smrtreach team to deliver exceptional customer support through advanced AI capabilities. Elevate customer experiences, drive efficiency, and boost satisfaction.

  • Try Bertha AI here!

SmrtReach Rating for - 7.1

Reasoning: “While Bertha is a powerful tool, we feel like there’s a bit of work to do on the UX side, including having a better flow/feel while using the tool. Bit clunky for now, but seems like a great team/mission.” Streamlined Sales Outreach Made Easy 

Looking for a streamlined sales outreach solution? Meet We use to help automate our copywriting in our outbound.


  • Automated Outreach: Streamline and personalize your sales outreach with automated email sequences.

  • Email Deliverability: Ensure your messages reach the inbox with robust email delivery optimization.

  • Campaign Analytics: Gain insights into campaign performance to optimize your sales strategies.

  • CRM Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with your CRM to maintain a unified sales ecosystem.


  • Flexible plans available to cater to your specific needs - usage based

  • Visit's website for detailed pricing options.

  • empowers sales teams with streamlined outreach, email optimization, and insightful analytics.

  • Experience the power of for efficient sales outreach!

  • Note: For the most up-to-date information, please refer to's official website.

Product Releases:

  • This is why I think is a winner. Why, you ask?

    • Great question! The’s velocity in releasing features and capabilities is extremely impressive.

  • Just recently, they released ‘Jason AI’ - the first (I’ve seen) tool specifically designed for SDR teams conducting outbound email marketing.

    • I’ll be reviewing this product soon, stay tuned in on my Youtube, I’ll be taking this on as my next comprehensive review after finishing

SmrtReach score for 8.9 out of 10 seems to be on a great track here. The tool is intuitive, reactive, and has a great core product/functionality behind it. The ONLY reason I can’t confidently give above a 9.0 is pricing. The

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