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One awesome SaaS product each day, reviewed and scored. Enjoy!

Mike with Smrtreach

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Trigger Warning Incoming*****

Salespeople are super disorganized. Yes, this is a silly generalization. I might even be stereotyping?! If you’re an organized salesperson that never misses a beat on the data hygiene side, how???

A lot of us feel like my my friend in the picture below when pinged by a manager to update Salesforce.

Or on the other side of things - when we spoke with an individual on our team about a deal 4 days ago, and there’s no sign of the progress/updates it in Hubspot.

Why the emphasis on keeping data clean? Because that’s how organizations run efficiently, knowing what decisions to make based on actual events/outcomes. If that’s not important, we don’t know what is :)

Now, shouldn’t you handle your email in the same way? Introducing Sanebox!

Venture ScoutHigh-quality software startups delivered straight to your inbox, every Wednesday.

How does it work?

For first time users, Sanebox automatically categorizes and describes the content in your inboxes. Newsletters, prospect emails, administrative updates, dinner reservations - all categorized for you at first login.

After initial setup, Sanebox uses it’s proprietary algorithm to sort your priority emails to the top of your inbox, giving you the piece of mind that you’ve covered the important stuff

Why is it helpful?

Sanebox will learn what you’re preferences are, and what you want to see in your inbox based on your use of the tool.

Huge newsletter fan? Great! You’ll see plenty of them (if subscribed)

Hate sales emails? I personally find that rude, but that’s ok, your call 😃 


While outside our usual Sales/SaaS tool scope, the Smrtreach team realized a need for a product like Sanebox earlier this week, and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Score - 5.8/10

Reasoning -  Sanebox is a good tool, at an affordable price. While the job it does is simple in theory, it’s mission critical to see what’s happening in your inbox. We ran into a few categorization problems in our first few days of use, but seems to be operating efficiently :) It’s just not as advertised, not much AI usage from our POV.

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