CSV Enrichment in Apollo.io

Hey there AI SaaS lovers, I’ve got a new video up on youtube outlining the CSV enrichment and import process in Apollo.io.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, hope you find this helpful.

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Here are the key takeaways on using CSV enrichment in Apollo:


  • Looking at how to leverage Apollo's CSV import and enrichment capabilities

CSV Import Steps

  • Started with exported Apollo CSV data for simplicity

  • Trimmed down to just a few key fields (first name, last name, company, email/site)

Enrichment Mapping

  • Upon import, typical field mapping to Apollo data

  • Email, mobile number enrichment enabled

  • Note: enrichment credits limited on lower tier plans

Import Results

  • 95% data completeness achieved post-import

  • Major improvement over 32% originally

  • Shows Apollo's automated enrichment capability

Enriched Data Overview

  • Downloaded CSV post-import to view

  • Apollo successfully retrieved all trimmed data

  • Demonstrates sequence of:

    1. Importing partial CSV

    2. Automated enrichment

    3. Exporting complete dataset

Main Use Case

  • With just names, company, email/site - Apollo can fill remaining gaps

  • Enables easily cleaning and enriching various external data

Key takeaway - Apollo CSV import + enrichment powers simple data hygiene workflows through automatic information retrieval.

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