Apollo 3.0 - The Real Deal?

Hey there SaaS Lovers! Today we’ll dive into the exciting announcement from Apollo 3.0 - as always, here’s our take! Enjoy :)

Apollo recently launched its 3.0 update, making big claims about "revolutionary" AI. My analysis as a long-time Apollo user reveals a more nuanced reality. Let's break down the key additions - and which truly deliver. Let’s dive in:

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Website Tracking

  • Allows seeing website visitors alongside Apollo contact data

  • Useful consumer behavior insights

  • But mostly achieves baseline functionality already offered by competitors

AI Prospecting

  • Bold visions for AI-generated outreach messages

  • Current messaging quality still very weak

  • Needs much refinement before realizing true value

Operations Upgrades

  • Shared goal-setting and reminders

  • Follow-up scheduling templates

  • Should meaningfully boost team productivity

  • Less tech-savvy teams stand to benefit greatly

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The Verdict

The 3.0 improvements are largely incremental, not revolutionary. Website tracking is playing catch-up, while AI promises remain aspirational. The operations upgrades hold the most utility for immediately leveling up sales workflows.

Apollo deserves credit for ambition - but many flashy AI claims ring hollow in practice (for now). Stay tuned for my upcoming podcast analyzing 3.0 functionality in more detail!

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